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Bosch E-Bike Battery Guide

Bosch eBike Battery Guide:Bosch battery power packs. 300Wh

Here are a few tips on how to get the maximum range and more important the maximum life span of your new Bosch battery.

Powerpacks are the fuel tanks of the electric bike. State of the art lithium ion technology makes them into efficient and long lasting suppliers of power.  Now Bosch say 1 charge is a 100% charge. i.e. from full to flat. So if you only ride your bike a few miles and say use 25% of the battery capacity, then take it home and re charge it. Bosch say that you can do 4 x 25% charges as that equalls 100%, so 1 full charge. The best way to keep your battery in tip top condition is... keep it topped up. Like the battery in your mobile phone it has no memory effect so a full discharge is not necessary. Keep it topped up ready for your next cycle ride. Nothing worse than getting your bike out to find out the battery is flat. Only one hour is required to charge a 300 PowerPack up to half and 1.5 hours for the 400 PowerPack. An empty 300 PowerPack is fully charged in just 2.5 hours. A 400 PowerPack needs 3.5 hours for this.

Tips for Optimum Range.

Cadence:  Cadences above 50 revolutions per minute optimise the efficiency of the drive unit. In contrast, very slow pedaling is very costly in terms of energy.

Weight:  The mass should be minimised by keeping the total weight of the bicycle and luggage from being unnecessarily high.

Starting and Braking:   As with a car,frequent starting and stopping is less  economical than long distances at a nearly constant speed.

Gear Shifting:  Correct shifting also makes ebiking more efficient. It is best to start off and take inclines in a low gear. You can switch to a higher gear in accordance with the terrain and speed.

Tyre pressure:  Rolling resistance can be minimised by proper tyre pressure. Tip: Always ride with the maximum allowable tyre pressure.

Motor Performance Indicator: Pay attention to the motor performance indicator of the on-board computer and adjust your riding style accordingly. A long bar means greater power consumption.

Rechargable battery and temperature:  With decreasing temperatures, the efficiency of a rechargable battery goes down., since the electrical resistance increases. In winter you can thus expect a reduction in the normal range.

    Benefits:  The advantage of the PowerPacks.

No Memory effect:  The PowerPack with Lithium-ion cells can be briefly charged at any time regardless of its charging state. Interuptions of the charging process do not harm the batter. Complete discharge is not necessary.

No Self discharge:  Even after prolonged storage, such as during the winter, it is possible to use the rechargable battery without recharging it. This means PowerPacks do not need to be recharged after a long break in use. For extended storage, a charge of approx. 60% is required.

Long Service life:  PowerPacks are designed for many hours,miles and years of service. The inteligent. electronic Bosch battery management system (BMS) protects lithium ion batteries from excessive temperatures,overcharging and deep discharge. The BMS checks every cell, extending the life of the battery. This makes the time from initial use to the need to replace a PowerPack very long.

Service Life - Lifelines:  The service life of a PowerPack is influenced mainly by the type and duration of use. Like every lithium battery, a PowerPack also ages over time, even if you do not use it.

   Care - Proper trteatment:  The more conscientiously you treat the PowerPack, the further it will take you. Here are a few tips and tricks in this regard.

Charging:  The battery should be charged under dry conditions and at room temperature.

Storage During winter:  Store the batteries in dry and at room temperature. Between 15C and 20C is optimal. Being completely charged or completely discharged is hard on the battery. The ideal state of charge for extended periods of storage is about 50 to 60%, or three diodes lit up on the battery indicator.

Cleaning and care:  To protect the electronic components, the rechargable battery should not be cleaned with a high pressure cleaner. Before cleaning, remove the battery. Occasionally clean and lightly grease the plug terminals.

Winter use:  When using the battery during the winter (especially below 0 degrees C) we recommend waiting until briefly before departure to insert the battery which has been stored at room temperature. For frequent travel in the cold, it is advisable to use thermal protective covers.

Transport:  for transport, the battery should always be taken off the e-bike and safely transported in your car, for example.

General info - cleaning: Please do not use a power washer to clean your bike. Using one could force water through the seals of the battery and motor and as we all know, water and electrical parts do not mix. You can of course use soap and water with a cloth or sponge to clean your bike.

Can I charge my battery using an inverter in my vehicle or motor home? – Yes you can use inverters to charge your electric bike for example from the cigarette lighter socket in most cars. It is advisable to have the car engine running when charging your bike as it could drain the car battery. The charge will require approximately 2amp hrs to charge your e-bike battery.

Factors that have a posative impact on the service life of your battery:  Light duty use. Storage at optimum ambient temperature (0 --20 degrees C). Store in a state of charge of around 60%.

Your Bosch battery should last you between 5 to 10 years if you look after it correctly.