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Bosch or Yamaha

What the differences are between the Bosch or Yamaha electric bike systems? Now that is a very good question?

Both the Bosch and the Yamama mid drive or crank drive motors as they are sometimes called are fantastic.

My personal bike is a Haibike Sduro Trekking with a 50cm frame. My partners bike is a Xduro Trekking Low Step with a 44cm frame.

Now what is the difference?

First the Bosch system has a 4 level display and a compact 400Amp hr battery, where as the Yamaha has a 3 level display and a slightly larger sixed battery. Both batteries have the same power, however, 36 Volt 11Amp hr. The chargers are a different size too with the Bosch being smaller than the Yamaha.

Second the Yamaha motor has a little more power compared with the Bosch. The Yamaha gives 80Nm of torque and the Bosch 70Nm of torque. So the Yamaha is around 13% more powerful. However, on the Xduro Trekking you have 27 gears, 3 hub gears and 9 rear gears. The Yamaha Sduro on the other hand has 2 front gears and 10 rear gears. So to be honest one compensates for the other. One thing I must say is the pedal cadence on the Bosch unit is nice and slow, wheras the Yamaha has slightly more pedal rotations in top gear. The difference is lets say 2 pedal rotations on the Bosch to 3 on the Yamaha. To me they are both fantastic drive systems, both quiet and very eficient on hills.

I would describe the Bosch unit as a Merceds Benz. Very efficient and quiet and when you reach 15.5 mph the power has a nice drop off curve. Now the Yamaha is more like a BMW. You can feel her ready to pull you away when you push on the pedal with the brakes on. Again, very efficient and quiet but when the Yamaha gets to 15.5 mph the power drops off more quickly. Not a problem on either of the bikes just different.

So, where does that leave you?

They are both great systems and both very reliable. The best thing to do is try them both! The only way to check is ride a bike with a Yamaha motor and then ride on with a Bosch motor. You decide! Which one you choose is the one that suits your riding style. 

So come on down to Silver E Riders and test ride the bike of your choice today. It's free and to be honest it's great fun riding electric bikes. But you already know that, don't you?