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Cykell Electric Bike Carrier

"CYKELL 2 Bike Carrier with 60 kg loading, ideal for Electric Bikes at only £495.  Silver E Riders are delighted that the innovative tow ball mounted Cykell bike carrier that is taking Europe by storm is now available in Shrewsbury, courtesy of Batribike. Cykell is the just click bike carrier from Belgium that is simple to use and is the winner of a 2014 Red Dot Award. Silver E Riders believes that the ease of use of the just click system and the quality of the build and components will make this cycle carrier as popular in the UK as it is in Europe. For Electric Bikes: Both the 2 bike and 3 bike versions are rated to 60kg and are therefore eminently suitable for electric bikes. There is also an optional loading ramp to allow bikes to be wheeled into position. The bike carrier is ultra simple to use. All you need is a tow bar.Cykell bike carrier

Place the carrier onto the tow ball, unfold and just click The green indicator shows that the rack is clamped securely.

The bicycle rack locks onto the tow ball for security and the same key is used to lock each individual bike to the rack using the lockable arms. The rack can easily be tilted to allow access to hatchbacks even when bikes are loaded.

The Cykell bike carrier is compact when folded, then, the just click system allows the user to extend the lights and wheel trays easily. The lights come with a 13 pin plug and a 7 pin adaptor as standard.



Bike Carrier Comes Complete

The Cykell carrier comes complete, fully built and ready to use straight out of the box, no fiddly assembly or time spent working out how to put it together. Onto the tow ball, unfold, just click, and you are ready to go! No tools tightening or adjustment are required.

It's as simple as that. Your valuable electric bikes are secure and safe.


Loading ramp:

The loading ramp clips easily into the end of the wheel holder and allows the bike to be pushed up into position rather than lifted.

Extra Bike Extension

Want to take another lightweight bike along? No problem! The Extra Bike Extension clips easily onto the outer bike rail and the supplied lockable arm securely fastens it to the adjacent bike.
Ideal for a child’s or road bike.

*Older style tow balls not to the modern standard can be simply and cheaply replaced.

  • CYKELL 2 BIKE CARRIER (T21) data sheet
  • CYKELL 2 BIKE CARRIER (T21) manual
  • Total Weight:   16.8kg (37 lbs)
  • Loading capacity:   2 bikes. (3 with optional extension)
  • Overall length:   100cm (39.4 inch)
  • Overall height:   77cm (30.3 inch)
  • Overall width:   29cm (11.4 inch) when folded 58cm (22.8 inch)
  • Maximum load:   60 kg (132 lbs)
  • Security:   Rack locks onto towbar, each bike is individually
  • Additional features:   Can be tilted with bikes attached.
  • Compatability:   All Batribike Range plus most other electric bikes


CYKELL 2 Bike Carrier with 60 kg loading is ideal for electric bike transportation.

Click on the play button to see how simple it is to load your bikes onto the Cykell bike rack.