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Mid Drive Motors better that hub drives?

Are mid drive motors better than hub drives?

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Mid Drive Motors better than hub drives?

Mid drives are the Holy Grail power providers for electric bike. If you want to know how you can spend a lot of money on an electric bike and get the ultimate in efficiency and performance this is a good start. Mid drives are not the easiest or the cheapest electric bikes to build, but can be the cream of the crop once you are out riding, especially climbing hills or even mountains.

When compared to an electric bike with a hub motor, a mid drive system is an elegant solution. This is because mid drives allow you to use the bikes transmission as the motors gears, so the electric motor can run at its optimum RPM range. This translated to a happier more efficient motor and a lighter better-balanced electric bike. Mid drive electric bikes usually have a mid mounted battery too giving far better centre of gravity and balance.

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"The Haibike xDura FullCarbon Ultimate"

Why a lighter bike? When going through the gears, you don’t need as heavy a motor to propel you up the hills due to that greater efficiency and you don’t need as much battery power either because the mid drive system is using less power than an equivalent hub motor.

If a manufacturer is looking to do a quick and cheaper solution they will go for a hub motor for the electric bike. A hub motor will continue to be the simplest and cheapest method of powering an electric bike.

When you get to a mid drive system they are much harder to design and manufacture, more expensive and made in smaller numbers. E-bikes with mid drive motore have 3 sensors, makindg the e-bike very efficient and great for climbing those hills. Please see below for more info:

The "triple sensor" system is what holds the product concept of "smooth and powerful" in place. The three sensors are the: 1. a torque sensor that detects pedaling power, 2. a speed sensor that detects the bicycle's speed, and 3. a crank sensor that detects the number of rotations through pedaling. By equipping the three sensors to the unit, the rider is supported by continuous assistance under every riding condition. The constant assist is what allows the "smooth and powerful" concept to come alive during the ride.
The torque sensor has great response, resulting in an optimal assist timing through fine-tuning the motor control. So you may say, why pay more? That’s a good question. A hub motor puts a heavy weight on one of the wheels. If it’s mounted on the rear of the bike it affects handling due to extra weight. If its mounted on the front wheel it can slip in wet weather as the front of the bike has little traction. Mid drives are located low in the frame mounted within the pedal assembly giving greater stability and efficiency. An e-bike with a mid drive system will, when set on the lowest power mode multiply your pedal pressure by around 100%. When set on the highest setting this can rise to 285% depending on the motor used. This power is available through the full speed range. i.e. 0 to 15.5 miles per hour. On rear wheel drive e-bikes the 3 or 5 settings work totally different. On the low setting the e-bike will power you around 8 miles per hour then switch off and on the high setting power you to 15.5 miles per hour, so a completely different feel to cycling. As you can imagine the mid drive power unit is the only one to consider if you live in a hilly area. Why? Because the motor drives the gearbox. The gearbox drives the rear wheel, so the motor is always running at the right speed making the bike more efficient on battery use. 

If you fancy trying a mid drive electric bike from Silver E Riders before you buy then please give me a call to arrange a test ride. You will not be disappointed, if you live in a hilly ares then a mid drive electric bike from Silver E Riders is the bike for you. We have 2 models in that range for you to try. We don't sell electric bikes. They sell themselves.

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by Ian Gordon