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    Choose an electric bike from the largest specialist electric bike supplier in the West Midlands. We sell a great range of Electric Bikes across the UK. Electric Bikes, E-Bikes, Electric Bicycles are all names that describe Battery Powered Bikes. When only the best will do - Silver E Riders.

NuVinci N360 Harmony

Electric bikes fitted with the Nuvinci Harmony system are easy to ride and enhance the cycling experience. Silver E Riders are proud to be able to offer the NuVinci continuously variable bicycle transmission to our customers on selected electric cycles, including Kalkhoff, and Royal Dutch Gazelle. We offer FREE Expert Advice on how to choose the best Electric Bike for your lifestyle. Buy Online, or why not come and see us for a chat about our selection of Electric Bikes.. You can even take a test ride. There are basically 2 models to choose from with Nuvinci, the N360 and the latest model to out of the factory for 2016/7, the N380. What's the difference? Basically the N380 is capable of taking more power, for example an e-bike with a 350Watt motor. As you know here in the UK the maximum permitted motor power at the present time is 250Watts. 

                                                          Harmony™ / Harmony™ H|Sync™

{youtube}4wNcok8KdNE {/youtube}NuVinci CVT

The Automatic Ride Experience

The NuVinci continuously variable bicycle transmission itself provides a unique riding experience. The addition of intelligent shifting has introduced a new era of cycling, the next revolution of shifting, which is truly automatic without any limiting or jarring steps. Harmony™ and Harmony H|Sync™ deliver simple and smooth automatic operation for an incomparable ride quality, optimize motor and battery performance and extend vehicle range.To benefit from the automation, the cyclist selects the desired cadence setting on a user interface and then simply pedals. The system monitors pedal and bike speed and continuously adjusts the ratios to maintain the desired cadence throughout the ride. On traditional pedal bikes, many cyclists may not be able to find the "right" ratio easily and eBike riders may shorten their range by not shifting effectively or not shifting at all. With intelligent automatic shifting the cyclist can forget shifting and enjoy cycling with Harmony and HarmonyTM H|Sync!

NuVinci CVT

NuVinci CVT

The Harmony hub interface and a Harmony controller turn the continuous shifting NuVinci drivetrain into a fully automatic gear box for your eBike. The Harmony intelligent drivetrain is the first continuously variable shifting system, and the only electronic shifting product for eBikes that gives you the option to seamlessly shift automatically or manually. The Advanced Controller is shown on the left with the blue face indicating automatic mode. It also has a manual mode in which the face is orange.

NuVinci CVT



For the cyclist who simply wants auto-shifting, the Harmony Base Controller option keeps it simple with a three-button, auto-only model. Three preset cadence settings (slow, medium and fast) make auto-shifting as simple as: select a cadence, push a button and go. You'll get the same smooth, auto-shifting experience as the Advanced Controller model.

Click here to download a brochure including technical specifications.

NuVinci CVTHarmony H|Sync offers continuous and automatic shifting fully integrated with the eBike user interface. Harmony H|Sync, based on the open CAN bus communication standard, provides eBike manufacturers with the opportunity to offer the unique continuous automatic shifting experience of Harmony, but without requiring an additional controller on the handlebar.

With Harmony H|Sync, the shifting action can be integrated directly into the eBike drivetrain user interface and will enable the addition of other experience-enhancing functionality. Working together with the NuVinci transmission technology, Harmony H|Sync offers a unique combination of electronic, automatic, and continuous shifting technology as a function of cadence. This creates the most user-friendly and efficient eBike drivetrain in the market - with almost every engine. And as with Harmony, manual gear shifting is available as an option.

NuVinci CVTNuVinci CVT

Harmony H|Sync is a "platform" product and is initially introduced in conjunction with Bosch and the following eBike manufacturers who will offer the technology on model year 2015 eBikes in Europe: Merida, Centurion, Pegasus, Hercules, Zemo, Sparta, Sinus, Felt, Riese & Müller, Trek, Cube, KTM and Royal Dutch.

Click here to download a leaflet including technical specifications.

The Benefits


  • Smooth and comfortable cycling.
  • Continuous and automatic shifting (on rpm, not speed).
  • Riding with optimal cadence every time (individually pre-adjustable).
  • Light and joint-friendly start after a stop (e.g. traffic light).
  • Quick and easy disconnection for rear wheel removal.
  • Shifting under high pedal force.
  • Compatible with almost every (front and mid) motor.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Ability to switch between automatic and continuous manual shifting mode (manual mode is only available with the Advanced Controller).
  • Extends the range of your eBike.
  • Plus all advantages of the continuously variable NuVinci transmission.

Harmony H|Sync

  • All of the Harmony benefits listed above.
  • No additional shift lever on the handlebar, but integration in the control unit of the eBike drivetrain.
  • Plus all advantages of the continuously variable NuVinci transmission.

How it works.


With the Harmony Advanced Controller model, the cyclist selects and fine-tunes a cadence set-point by twisting the shifter until the blue RPM display indicates the desired setting. With the Harmony Base Controller, the rider chooses one of three factory preset cadence speeds and activates the system by simply pushing a button on the controller.

As the rider pedals, the weather-sealed Harmony hub interface monitors pedal cadence, senses vehicle speed and automatically adjusts ratio in the hub to maintain the set cadence as terrain and conditions change.

The Harmony Advanced Controller also offers the cyclist the option to shift manually and directly manage the continuously variable ratio range (orange display mode). Ratio changes are made simply by twisting the grip on the controller.

Click here to download the manual.

Harmony H|Sync.

The pedal cadence pre-selection (e.g. 30-80 rpm) will take place via the controller of the motor and will be displayed in an individual menu item of the user interface. Once set, the Harmony H|Sync system will automatically maintain the selected cadence independent of the motor, the input power from the cyclist, and the topography of the route. At a stop, the system will automatically choose a proper ratio for subsequenteasy and energy-saving acceleration.

NuVinci CVT


We test ride all Silver E Riders electric bikes before offering them to the general public for sale and I have to say the Nuvinci continuously variable bicycle transmission was a pure pleasure to use. The ride was so easy as the Nuvinci drive system was always in the right gear. Even is you are sat at traffic lights and want to change gear manually you can do it with ease and set off safely. I have tried it and think it is fantastic. Im sure when you come to test ride one of our bikes you will feel the same.




by Ian Gordon