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    Choose an electric bike from the largest specialist electric bike supplier in the West Midlands. We sell a great range of Electric Bikes across the UK. Electric Bikes, E-Bikes, Electric Bicycles are all names that describe Battery Powered Bikes. When only the best will do - Silver E Riders.

The Silver Cyclist

The Silver Cyclist.

Over the years electric bikes have become very popular with the silver cyclist, that is people over the age of 50. However, anyone can ride an electric bike as long as you are over 14 years old, that's the law in the United Kingdom at present.
What we have to do is remove the stigma the electric bikeThe Silver cyclist has here in the UK. Europe for instance has a massive number of electric bikes used by people of all ages, where here in the UK electric bike popularity although getting more and more popular is still lagging behind.
So please let me put your mind at rest and say that electric bikes are not only a fun mode of transport but they help your fitness levels too.

Now electric bikes are not for everyone. I have friends that ride regularly 40 or 50 miles in a day, they say they would not be seen dead on an electric bike and I would agree with them. They are fit and enjoy cycling. But give them a few more years and maybe the odd aches and pains we all get as we get older and they won't be able to do that many miles and would love the opportunity to keep on cycling. Well, they then may look at an electric bike and change their ideas about them. I did.

My electric bike is fantastic. Its fun to ride and more than that it's easy, now I have options on my bike. I can pedal like any other cyclist, but when my legs start to ache or my chest gets a little tight with too much exercise I can just switch on the motor and hey presto. I'm still keeping up with my wife on her pedal bike, but now its like riding with a strong wind at my back. Even hills are no problem. I can still pedal but my leg muscles are not burning anymore but I'm still getting some exercise. If I'm too tired I can just use the throttle on my bike, that will take me to 15 mph (the legal limit in the UK), fast enough to keep up with my wife for sure, and if that's too fast for you there are up to 5 different levels of power available, 5 being the maximum power level. On setting 1 the motor powers the bike slow enough for you to walk at its side if you feel it necessary to push your bike up a slight hill, so the argument 'my electric bike is too heavy' in my opinion fails. Yes, for some people an electric bike is heavy, well it's heavier than a standard cycle. An electric bike on average weighs between 20 to 25 kilo. Where a standard cycle would weigh in at around 5 to 8 kilo.
Let me say that owning an electric bike is a pleasure, they are stylish, fun and make you that little bit fitter every time you go our for a ride and believe me you will go out on your electric bike a lot more often than you think, I ride mine at least twice a week after work because it is fun and as long as the sun is shining, I'm out there. I admit I don't go far, maybe 5 or 6 miles but at least I am out in the fresh air and without me electric bike I would not be out there anyway.
So don't listen to other people's ideas on electric bikes, judge one for yourself by having a test ride. There are numerous designs and models of electric bike out there and many dealers so don't just try one bike, try lots. When you find a bike that feels right, it is right. Just tell your dealer what you want you electric bike for i.e. pleasure, to take it with you on holidays or commuting and he/she will advise on the best bike for you. My hope is you will buy from Silver E Riders but if you get one from another supplier just remember our motto... Be Seen, Be Safe.
Happy cycling and enjoy your electric bike with pride.


by Ian Gordon.