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    Choose an electric bike from the largest specialist electric bike supplier in the West Midlands. We sell a great range of Electric Bikes across the UK. Electric Bikes, E-Bikes, Electric Bicycles are all names that describe Battery Powered Bikes. When only the best will do - Silver E Riders.

Electric bike test rides and demonstrations

Free, with no appointment necessary Electric Bike test rides.

Testing an electric bike is not only enlightening, it is tremendous fun too.

If I had £1 for everyone who had a test ride an electric bike and came back with a smile on their face I would be a very wealthy man. Until you have ridden an electric bike, you don't know what to expect. Is it noisy? Is is very heavy? Is it cheating? All good questions answered in a flash once you have sat on the electric bike and had a test ride.Free Test Rides

Here at Silver E Riders we love to demonstrate our range of electric bikes. In my opinion before anyone buys an electric bike, you must ride at least 3 or 4 different types or styles of electric bike to find the right one for you. I ride an electric bike all the time and love it. The ability to just hop on and go for a ride, it's so easy. No more worries about the hills, the distance or that windy day, all those factors are no longer important. The bike can take the stress, I can enjoy the scenery and the fresh air, and get that bit fitter at the same time. It's a no brainer really. So leave the car at home, get out your electric bike, pack your sandwiches and off you go. 

We pride ourselves on having a great range of electric bikes for you to try before you buy. Electric bikes come in all shapes and sizes and to find the right one that suits you best, you have to try before you buy. My advice is do not buy off the internet unless you have tried that model and are happy with the riding position. Buying off the net is usually a little cheaper, however, cheaper is not always the best. Silver E Riders have over 30 bikes in store and ALL are available for test ride with no appointment necessary. We also demonstrate around 12 bikes at Charlie's Coed-y-dinas in Welshpool every Saturday from 8-30am to 5-00pm. The electric bikes are available to test ride through out the day and we get a large number of customers riding our bikes.

Another service we provide totally free of charge is a HOME demonstration. So you want an electric bike, you have done your homework and call in at Silver E Riders to look at and test ride an electric bike. You test ride 3 or 4 electric bikes but can't decide which one will do the job you want it to do. After all £1000 or more is a lot of money and if you buy the wrong one that money could be wasted because, 'it wont climb that hill at home'. Silver E Riders will bring a selection of bikes to your home address (within a 25 mile radius of the shop) for you to test ride on that hill near you. That way you know which electric bike does the job best. With front wheel drive, rear wheel drive and the highly efficient mid drive range your choice is made a lot easier. 

Is your company hosting a Health & Wellness or Environmental Fair?Free Test Rides

Silver E Riders can bring a selection of electric bikes to your work place to demonstrate. We bring helmets, paperwork and a choice of electric bikes including folding e-bikes, step through frames with either 26 inch or 28 inch wheels and of course the ever popular mountain bike with mid drive motor. These can be with the Bosch or Yamaha drive systems.

Testing an ebike is not only enlightening, it is incredibly good fun.

Wear your helmet!

Although there is no law in the UK saying you must wear a cycle helmet here at Silver E Riders we do recommend the use and benifit of wearing one. Always better to be safe than sorry.

So nothing stopping you now having a test ride is there? If you are in the market for an electric bike, but are confused about the right one then why not give me a call on 01743 588585. I love to talk about electric bikes in fact I am very passionate about them. I ride on all the time myself and love every second when Im in the saddle. 

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