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    Choose an electric bike from the largest specialist electric bike supplier in the West Midlands. We sell a great range of Electric Bikes across the UK. Electric Bikes, E-Bikes, Electric Bicycles are all names that describe Battery Powered Bikes. When only the best will do - Silver E Riders.

Electric Cycle Covers

Range of Electric Bike Covers at Silver E Riders.  Road bike covers, MTB bike covers & Bicycle covers.

Suitable for Bosch, Yamaha and Impulse II Mid drive motors.

Now you have treated yourself to a brand new electric bike why not protect your investment with a mid drive motor cover, full frame cover or handlebar cover to protect that e-bike from not only the rain but prying eyes too.

The full cycle cover protects your bike if you intend to put it on the back of your motor home or mounted on your tow bar carrier. There are 2 ways to damage a mid drive e-bike motor. Do not ride through a deep Ford and second, do not use a power washer to clean your bike. Having your bike on the rear of your vehicle is the same as using a power washer. It forces water through seals that were not intended to take that pressure. Of course your e-bike is perfectly safe to use in the rain and to clean with warm water and soap.

With a choice of 3 covers you can protect your bike from the elements and keep it clean too. The handlebar cover will fit all bikes and neatly fastenes with velcro underneath to protect your display and other items.Electric Bike Covers Some displays on e-bikes are removable but on certain models they are screwed on and require protection.

Electric Bike Covers


The motor cover fits neatly over the motor and battery terminals to protect the motor from rain and dust. It is a small price to pay to protect that expensive mid drive motor. The cover fits in seconds and fits the Bosch 2015 and 2016 CX models. It also fits the Yamaha mid drive and Impulse motors fitted to the Kalkhoff range. When fitted the motor cover allows the pedals to rotate freely makink fitting onto a cycle rack easier.


The full cycle cover can be used in conjunction with the handlebar cover to full protect your e-bike. The cover has been designed with flaps that allow full use of your tow bar mounted carries so 2 bikes can be carried with ease.

All the covers are waterproof and machine washable.

For just a few pounds you are protecting your electric cycle from the rain, dust and those prying eyes.

Please note: The motor covers do not fit on electric mountain bikes with rear suspension.