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The All New Haibike Models for 2017

The all NEW HAIBIKE MODELS for 2017

Haibike for 2017.

I think the world’s best electric mountain bike manufacturer returns with updated favourites and some great new models for 2017 season.

In 2016 Haibike brought us the world’s first full suspension fat bike called the Fat Six. It just happened to be an electric bike. Other manufactures are now making fat tyre models in a bid to catch Haibike.
Electric mountain bikes have taken Europe by storm with unbelievable sales. Haibike in Europe last year sold over half a million bikes. Unfortunately here in the UK we are a little behind, but our market is growing.
Haibike have stayed ahead of the competition by listening and watching the changing trends of e-bike users. Integrating the Bosch motor into the frame and increasing power output keeps them in the lead of their rivals.
I have personally ridden for many months the Bosch and Yamaha models and find the Haibike Trekking e-bike incredible to ride. I am over 6ft tall and weigh unfortunately 18.5 stones but my Haibike can take me anywhere I want to go.

Haibike New Number Naming Scheme
Numbers now replace the models i.e. SL, RC, RX, Pro.
Numbers 1.0 to 9.0 makes it very easy for consumers to know what level of specification the bike has and its ability to manage different terrain.

Geometry Changes on All Models
Haibike electric mountain bikes are evolving and every year the designs take steps closer to perfect motor integration so whatever the riding style and whatever the power setting the rider will feel in control, the geometry will allow the rider and motor system to feel like one unit hardwired through the bike frame.

2017 Yamaha New 500Wh Battery
Haibike launch 2017 Haibike/Yamaha models with a 500Wh battery as standard keeping in line with Bosch but offering it with their standard system rather an optional upgrade for OEMs. The Yamaha motor will also be lighter than last year and include a higher level of power and a new clutch system to 'drastically reduce backlash'. Haibike will launch the Yamaha PW-X motor system.

Yamaha New Integrated Display
If you have ever fallen off your bike you know how easy it is to break something. Not only on you, but the bike too! Bosch 2017 now come with a smaller display and Yamaha by integrating the display right into the bike stem. This is exclusive to Haibike and will no doubt improve the protection for the display. The Bosch display is now mounted on the left had side of the handlebars allowing riders easier control of the Haibikes settings. Whilst the Yamaha control is set into the headstock. So now hopefully, if you fall off your bike your expensive displays will be better protected.

Haibike eConnect
Haibike have a closer working relationship with Yamaha than any other bike manufacturer. Because of this Haibike have been able to create eConnect, which takes some of the more popular functions of Bosch Nyon and adds a few innovative touches to bring the bike comfortably into the rider’s life. Haibike realise that e-Bikes are becoming one of the most important products people own and they want to know where they are, that they are safe and that they will help them connect to their world when they need to.
will allow you to locate your bike on google maps - Bike Location
notify you if your bike is being stolen - Anti-Theft
notify selected people if you have a crash - Emergency Function / crash detection

Bosch 2017 Purion Display
Not all of the Haibike xDuro 2017 models will have the new Bosch Purion display with integrated thumb control. This is due to some manufacturing delays at Bosch. Good news for xDuro enthusiasts that still want the usb charging point though. Have to say I sill prefer the old display as it has a larger display making it in my opinion easier to read.

Trekking Models
Will have wheel sizes moved from 700c to 27.5" plus e.g. xDuro Trekking 27.5 Plus
xDuro HardNine will move to a plus wheel size 29" Plus
New Models

All in all quite a few changes for the 2017 season.
So in a nutshell: Yamaha increase battery to 500Wh in line with the Bosch battery.
Displays moved on Bosch systems to left hand side on handlebar and for Yamaha an integrated screen in the headstock.

Hope your looking forward to the new design? I certainly am.
But saying that the 2016 models of both Haibike Xduro and Sduro are superb. Hard to beat yes, but they have done it yet again.










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