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    Choose an electric bike from the largest specialist electric bike supplier in the West Midlands. We sell a great range of Electric Bikes across the UK. Electric Bikes, E-Bikes, Electric Bicycles are all names that describe Battery Powered Bikes. When only the best will do - Silver E Riders.


Welcome to Electric E Riders.


38B Vanguard Way. Battlefield Enterprise Park. Shrewsbury. SY1 3TG.

              Telephone no: 01743 588585 or Mob: 07960 872498

NEW CYCLE SCHEME: check out the new Cycle 2 Work scheme.The electric bike centre

 ANY BIKE, ANY PRICE.  You can now get the Electric bike of your dreams and save up to 42% on the price. Click this link for further information. www.PROc2w.co.uk Now that new Electric Bike is in your grasp. For example a £3000 electric bike could cost you as little as £2000 with Proc2w.

I have so many people come into my shop looking at electric bikes and say, "Lovely bikes but im not sure if I will use it once I have bought it, after all £1000 is a lot of money if it just sits in the garage". What I say is with an electric bike you have a totally different mindset. First of all it it fun to ride, second, you can forget the fact that the hill to the shops is a killer, third, the dreaded windy day and finally the distance you will travel. So now your new bike is fun, it can climb hills with ease and battle the wind without you getting out of breath. The distance too has changed. You will go twice as far on your electric bike than you would on your standard pedal cycle and use it a lot more often. No more worries, now when you go out for a ride its fun.

Here at Silver E Riders we have a selection of Folding Electric Bikes that pop in the boot of the car to Electric Mountain Bikes if you're feeling adventurous and a huge range of Gents and Low Step Through electric bikes. All available fo Test Ride with no appointment necessary. We offer FREE Expert Advice on how to choose the best Electric Bike for your lifestyle. Why not come and see us for a chat about our selection of Electric Bikes. All new electric bikes purchased at the RRP include FREE Breakdown Cycle CoverIf you suffer a breakdown to your bicycle whilst out cycling, including punctures, the 24-hour recovery team is on hand to arrange transport for you and your electric bike back to a safe location. You will be taken to the nearest repair shop, railway station, car rental agency, overnight accommodation or home, within 25 miles. We will also "Slime" your tyres for added protection against puntures sealing a hole up to 1/8 inch diameter. You will also receive a FREE hi-viz vest for your added safety.

The electric bike centre

Think Bike ! Then think Electric ! You know it makes sense.

Do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint.
Huge savings can be made in terms of money and to the environment.
Electric Bikes  –  Save on parking, Save on Fuel and get Fit.!

Riding an electric bike is not only great fun but helps you get that little bit fitter too. You can excercise by using your bike as an ordinary cycle by turning off the power, or when you get a little tired you can use one of the power settings to assist you. We all worry about the dreaded hill to ride up on the way home or the wind that always seems to be blowing in your face. Well with an electric bike all those worries are gone. Electric bikes usually come with 3 or 5 levels of assist mode. For steep hills just put the power level to maximum and select the right gear and up the hill you will go, it's as simple as that.

Silver E Riders are the largest stockist of Electric bikes in the UK with over 30 electric bikes in stock to choose from, including the FULL range of Raleigh e-bikes. The FULL range of Kalkhoff, Haibike and Raleigh electric bikes now available with 0% finance.

Electric bikes offer a high specification and performance for any budget. Come and test ride an e-bike today. It's FREE with no appointment necessary.


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    Why not use the Cycle to work scheme to purchase your new electric bike?

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The electric bike centreSilver E Riders are proud to be dealers for the Wisper brand and Riese and Muller range of electric Bikes to compliment their extensive range of other top manufacturers.. The ultimate! Designed and built in Frankfurt Germany, full suspension and brilliantly engineered frames combined with the support of a Bosch electric motor. The perfect combination. Riese and Muller Electric Bikes. The ultimate Luxury electric bikes. Astonishing comfort and build.

The electric bike centre

Please click on the link for a very handy battery range calculator, courtesy of Bosch. The Bosch system is now used in over 50 leading bike brands across Europe. .


The 250W Panasonic compact motor uses brushless technology to reduce noise and motor heating.The electric bike centre

The 250W Panasonic compact motor uses brushless technology to reduce noise and motor heating.


The electric bike centre

It was back in 1993 when Yamaha released their first eBike system. This was a massive success. Yamaha now manufacture over 300,000 electric bike systems a year and, to date, their system is implemented on over 2.7 million eBikes worldwide.


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Here at Silver E Riders we sell electric bikes that are totaly road legal. Both Bosch and Yamaha mid drive motors can be derestricted, but can then only be used on private roads or off road situations with the permission of the land owner. Silver E Riders do not condone the use of derestriction devises and highly recommend that they are not used.

The warranty on Bosch and Yamaha motors would also be invalid including any 3rd party component. Insurance, helmet, driving license and an MOT would also be required when riding a derestricted electric bike on the roads. So please when purchasing an electric bike, ride it within the law and do not modify the bike in any way.

The legal limit for electric bikes on UK roads is 15.5mph which in my opinion is quite fast enough. 



Why choose Silver E Riders for your new electric bike?
My company is built around you the customer, we believe we offer the best electric bikes available in the market place today.
Our customers can expect unbiased advise on all the leading makes and technologies of electric bikes, including comfort and recreational e-bikes, to folding electric models and electric mountain bikes. The Electric Bike Centre here in Shrewsbury houses many of the leading manufacturers of electric bikes, all of which are available to test ride completely free of charge with no appointment necessary. In fact if you live within a 25 mile radius of the shop we will bring 2 or 3 bikes of your choice for you to try in your own area. That way you will know your new electric bike will manage the terrain where you live.
Our customer service is second to none and we pride ourselves on the support, knowledge and experience provided to all our customers.
I was once asked.. 'What is the most important thing in business?'
Is it Sales? NO! Is is Profit? NO! Is it turnover? NO!
The correct is you... 'THE CUSTOMER'
And with a service department that is second to none. We believe we cannot be beaten.

The electric bike centrePlease remember when cycling. BE SEEN. BE SAFE!

You know it makes sense.


Why not contact us today?




You never know it may change your life! It did mine.

We will match any price for a like for like electric bike and give you a free Hi-Viz vest as well.

Try Silver E Riders. You can't loose!

Now you have your new electric bike, why not let Silver E Riders service your pride and joy and repair it should it be required? 

                  Email me at Silver E Riders, Today This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to test ride an electric bike.