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Heroeco F4W Ride Low Step Through

Heroeco F4W Ride 



Heroeco Fast4Ward Ride

RRP. £999.00

Our price only £950.00. 





The F4W Ride Electric Bike is a bike with a very chic but, practical style. This bike is among the more comfortable e-bikes available and makes for a sweat-free, stress-free ride wherever you are headed. The Ride includes a rear rack, great for storing small belongings on--a quick trip to the store to grab a few things, no need to run home to grab the car. If you are interested in riding in style, the Ride is the bike worth considering.

E-bike specifications:

Battery:      The Ride Electric Bike comes standard with a lightweight, removable, Advanced Sony Lithium-Ion 36Volt 9amp hour battery.

Brakes:      This F4W Ride Electric Bike has Tektro V-brakes with electric assist cut-off switches which provide reliable stopping power.

Frame:      Purpose-built: The frame is purpose built, which means it was designed from scratch to be an electric bike. This helps to hide the wiring and offers greater protection to the battery & controller.

Frame Style:      The Ride's frame is a step thru aluminum frame, which makes getting on and off the Ride very easy. This frame was built with cruising and comfort in mind.

Propulsion Motor:      The Ride comes with an 8FUN (Bafang) 250 watt geared brushless rear hub motor. Geared motors provide more torque, which comes in handy on hills and light off-road terrain. 

Riding Modes:      The F4W Ride Electric Bike can be ridden like a moped by applying the throttle or in three different levels of pedal-assist mode by activating and selecting which level via the controller on the handlebar and pedaling,or as a regular bicycle by pedaling.

Top Speed:      This F4W Electric Bike has a top speed of 15 mph, in keeping within the guidelines of UK law.

Drivetrain:      The Ride Electric Bike is an 8-speed Shimano Alivio bike with a rapid-fire shifter, which allows for easier shifting.

Range:      The F4W Ride Electric Bike has a range of up to 40 miles.* Most riders should get at least 30 miles from the bike even under heavy use.

Sizing Options:      The Ride comes in one standard size; 19".

Tyres:      The F4W Ride Electric Bike with Kenda Khan 26″ x 1.75″ tires. The tread of the Kenda Khan tires offers some side knob tread for some light off-road riding but mostly city tread in the middle, for commuting or cruising.

Warranty:     F4W offers a very generous five year frame warranty, two year motor and battery warranty, and one year warranty on standard bike parts(not including tires, tubes, seat fabrics, grips, chain, cables, and brake pads).

Accessories:      This bike comes with several accessories; a rear rack, a chain-guard which protects your clothing, front and rear LED lights which run off of their own batteries, front and rear fenders, a kickstand, and a bell .

*Range will always vary depending on use of the throttle, the pedal assist setting, how much you pedal, the type of terrain, and the rider's weight.