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    Choose an electric bike from the largest specialist electric bike supplier in the West Midlands. We sell a great range of Electric Bikes across the UK. Electric Bikes, E-Bikes, Electric Bicycles are all names that describe Battery Powered Bikes. When only the best will do - Silver E Riders.

Wisper Electric Bike Range

Silver E Riders can now offer the full range of Wisper Electric Bikes.Wisper SE electric bikes


New for 2016. The Wisper SE Range offers well bult, high quality electric bikes at affordable prices. Utilising the same 10 year warranty frames, batteries and disc brake rotors as the superb Wisper Torque. Excellent value for money.

The New Torque series. The much loved Wisper brought right up to date. New frame, great components and a superb power delivery system that improves range by as much as 40% and ensures starting off on steep hills a breeze. 


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Wisper SE electric bikes

Wisper SE electric bikes


Save up to 35% on the cost of your new e-bike




Wisper SE electric bikes

The Wisper 705 Torque.

This is the sister to the superb 905 Torque Crossbar and should be tried before you buy anything else. Astonishing value for money for the high specifications. A real Bosch or mid drive alternative and developed in the UK.



Colour: Graphite. 




Wisper SE electric bikesThe Wisper 705 SE

The Wisper 705SE is a light weight simple to use electric bicycle, new for March 2016. Based on the Wisper 705 Torque this superb light weight electric bicycle is a realk joy to ride, both confortable and very safe.



Colour:  Black





Wisper SE electric bikes


The Wisper 806 Torque

The Wisper 806 has for years been the best folding electric bike on the market. Nimble and light weight the Wisper 806 Torque folds to a suitcase size for stowing in your boot, motorhome or boat. The bike comes with maintenance free and simple to use Nexus 7 hub gears with an a twisp grip changer.




Colour:  Graphite.






Wisper SE electric bikesThe Wisper 806 SE

The new Wisper 806 SE is a fantastic, light weight, simple to use electric bicycle, new for March 2016. This beautiful looking machine is sure to become a classic.

Based on the Wisper 806 Torque this is a great little folding bike for popping in the boot of the car or for riding down canal tow paths. The Wisper 806 SE is easy and comfortable to ride with a grear range too.




Colour:  Black



Wisper SE electric bikesThe Wisper 905 Torque

The Wisper 905 Torque should be carefully considered before you buy anything else. Wisper Torque bikes are solidly built, nimble, almost silent, discrete, powerful, and very responsive. Astonishing value for money for the high specifications. We would be delighted to arrange a test ride for you.




Colour: Graphite 




Wisper SE electric bikes The Wisper 905 SE

 The new Wisper 905 SE sports the same fine hand built frame (10 year warranty) as the top of the range Wisper 905 Torque. We use exactly the same batteries, rack and disc brake rotors back and front, with 180mm front rotors for safer, smoother braking.




Colour:  Black





Wisper SE electric bikes


The Wisper 929 Torque

 Beautiful looking electric bike from Wisper.

Perfect for the hills and trails, the Wisper 929Torque 29er, will confidently and powerfully help you to glide up hills almost as easily as you come down them!



Our two ranges are divided into 3 models...

705Torque    806Torque    905Torque

705SE    806SE    905SE

Our SE and Torque models share exactly the same...

Frame, Rack, Batteries, Chain guard, Tyre quality, Disc rotors, Stand, Grips

All other parts are different, the main differences are as follows...

705/905SE                               705/905 Torque

Cadence/Speed)          Sensor Torque and Cadence Sensor
Cable Brakes             Hydraulic Brakes
Generic Lighting           Spaninga Lighting
Wisper saddle              Selle Royal eBike Saddle
LCD Display Large           LCD display and buttons
High Torque Motor           Ultra Hi Torque Motor
Quiet running           Silent running
7 Speed freewheel gears           8 speed cassette gears
Wisper blade forks           Suntour NEX SR suspension
1.95” tyres           1.75” tyres

     806 SE                                          806 Torque

Cadence/Speed)           Sensor Torque and Cadence Sensor
Generic Lighting                 Spaninga Lighting
Wisper saddle           Selle Royal eBike Saddle
LCD Display Large           LCD display and buttons
7 Speed freewheel gears           7 speed Nexus hub gears
High Torque rear motor           Ultra Hi Torque front motor

Our trail bike...

The Wisper 929 Torque trail bike is a little bit bigger than the other Wisper 9 series bikes and has 29" rugged oversize Kenda Small Block 8 tyres. The motor and drive systems are the same as on the torque bikes.

Gears are high quality 9-speed Shimano Alivio, and the Suntour XCM 30 front forks are perfect for cross country and trail riding.

The 400Wh Samsung celled battery will keep you going for mile ofter mile, perfect for a day out in the hills.

Our Warranty...

All new Wisper frames come with a ten-year warranty*
All other non consumable parts two-year warranty*

Keeping you on the road...

If within two years of purchase, one of our 2016 (or later) Wisper bikes develops a fault covered by our warranty, and we cannot fix the bike in our workshop within 5 working days. We will supply a courtesy bike for use until the original bike is back on the road.

*Terms and conditions apply.
Wisper Torque Sensor and drive system
The new Wisper Hybrid Torque drive system is designed to deliver maximum power to the bike’s rear wheel smoothly, quietly and efficiently.

The new Wisper Hi Torque Motor is so small, it is hardly noticeable.